Social Issues

The Social Services Committee

assists the elderly through in house visits and delivering food, cheer and news from the community. The Keirokai luncheons provide home-cooked Japanese food and entertainment. We work to help the elders in the community.

Free consultations

occur periodically for individuals, who have legal, medical, social welfare, and tax inquiries. In the past year, over 300 people have benefited from these consultations.

Annual Memorial Day Services (BOSANKAI)

This annual event held in May at the Japanese Cemetery at Mount Olivet Cemetery and Cypress Hills Cemetery, honors our early pioneers. The Japanese Cemetery at Mt. Olivet cemetery was bought by the Japanese Mutual Aid Society in 1912.

The JAA Committee on Aging Issues

was formed in May 2005. Its mission is to study and improve the social welfare of elderly Japanese and Japanese Americans residing in states of NY, NJ, CT and PA. The Committee will coordinate and support programs and services that will help the elderly lead a more healthy, enjoyable and productive life as they age. (