2020 JAA Activities

Regularly scheduled events & programs

Senior Luncheon: Twice a month 2nd & 4th Thursday

Apple Kids: Rhythmic Class with parents and children on 3rd Friday 10am-12pm & JAA Women in Business (http:/www.jwb-ny.org/) will have monthly events.

Free Consultation

JAA provides free consultations by professionals for all the people in the community.

Free Consultation on Health and Social welfare on the days of senior luncheon

Free Legal Consultation on Wills & other topics
by Helen Irie, Esq. & Reiko Takikawa, Esq. on 4th Thursday of odd Months

Free Legal Consultation (excluding Immigration law)
by Reiko Kasano, Esq. on 2nd Thursday of even months

Free Legal Consultation on Immigration Law
by Keiko Kato, Esq. Katsumi Miki, Esq. & Mami Terai, Esq. on 3rd Thursday of every month

Free Consultation on Tax
by Joe Oshima, CPA in February

Free Hair Cut Services

by hairstylist Michi Tahara, Shige Kosuda, Nori Sasaki, Yasuko Tsuda, Toshi Kubota and Haruka Kobayashi on 2nd Monday.

Schedule in 2020

Feb. 26 (Thurs.): CENSUS 2020 Kick-Off Reception

March 7 (Sat.) & 11 (Wed.): 3.11 JAA Volunteers Event

March 20 (Friday): 2020 Conference “Global Migration and Aging: Toward Successful aging

March 26 (Thurs.) and 27 (Friday): CENSUS Workshop

April 4 (Sat.): Spring Flea Market

April 8(Thurs.)- April 27(Mon.) : the 12th Sakura Health Fair

April 18 (Sat.): the 16th Sakura Matsuri @ Flushing Meadows Corona Park

April 18 (Sat.): Spring Japanese Language Education Workshop

April to August on Sunday mornings: the 35th JAA Foreign Minister’s Cup Baseball Tournament

May 7 (Thurs.) - 23 (Sat.): the 25th Art Exhibition

May 10 (Sun.): Japan Day Parade /Japan Day @ Central Park - JAA will host a Calligraphy booth

May 25 (Mon.): Memorial Day Services at Japanese Cemeteries at Mt Olivet Cemetery

June 2 (Tue.): 50th Anniversary JAA Scholarship Dinner at the Harvard Club

July 11 (Sat.): 5th Tanabata Festival @ Riverside Park

Aug. 1 (Sat.): Summer Flea Market

September 11 (Fri.): 9.11 Volunteers Event

September 12 (Sat.) – Oct. 4 (Sun.): the 14th Autumn Health Week

September 28 (Mon.): the 27th Charity Golf Tournament at the Harbor Links Golf Course

Oct. 17 (Sat.): Japanese Language Fall Workshop

Nov. 7 (Sat.): Annual Bazaar

Dec. 4 (Fri.): JAA 113th Anniversary Dinner at the Harvard Club

Dec. 10 (Thurs.): End of the Year Keirokai

Dec. 17 (Thurs.): Holiday Party with Volunteers Thank You Party